Get ready: in January 2019, Recast.AI will be officially renamed SAP Conversational AI!
Get ready: in January 2019, Recast.AI will be officially renamed SAP Conversational AI!

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Justine Baron

Justine Baron

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Automate conversation with AI

Recast.AI is the no.1 solution to revolutionize enterprise customer service. We provide conversational technologies to corporations wishing to transform their client relations. To achieve that, Recast.AI’s offer is composed of three products: a world class technology, an end-to-end bot platform as well as off-the-shelf customer support bots.

45 000+

bots built with Recast.AI

20 000+

Recast.AI bot makers


major corporate clients

World class language technology

get precise and actionable conversational data

Our first product is a home-made language API (NLP). Compared to and outperforming giants like Google, Microsoft or IBM Watson, our technology analyzes sentences, returns their global meaning and the key information they contains.

Collaborative end-to-end bot platform

get every tool necessary to Make a bot in weeks

Our second product is an end-to-end platform to build bots. On Recast.AI, you can build your conversation flow, connect your bot to many channels and train its understanding. This platform is collaborative, allowing 20 000+ developers to work together in the building of bots, and is also available at an enterprise grade.

On-the-shelf customer support bot


Our third product is a collection of chatbots designed to automize parts of customer relations for major corporations. We currently focus on usecases for telecommunication companies (account management, SIM card blocking, invoice download, etc), banks and insurances (contract subscription, claims, etc), and energy providers (expense manager). These bots are ready-to-use and can be deployed in only days.

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Our timeline

Founding of Recast.AI

Septembre 2015

Launch of our NLP API and platform in beta

March 2016

First 1000 users with our Product Hunt launch

April 2016

Seed funding of 2M€ (1M€ from business angels, 800k€ from the BPI and 200k€ from Publicis90)

June 2016

More than 10 corporate clients

November 2016

Launch of our end-to-end bot building platform

March 2017

Chosen to be Microsoft’s n°1 AI startup at Station F

June 2017

Support of bot building in any language

August 2017

Opening of our offices in San Francisco

November 2017

Launch of Bot Skills

December 2017

Acquisition by SAP

January 2018

The executive team

Patrick Joubert


Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in B2B after an eMBA in HEC

Omer Biran


Ph.D in mathematics, M.Sc. in IT and computer science, engineering at Intel, in charge of product and presales

Jasmine Anteunis

VP Product

Trained engineer with a Beaux-Arts diploma and a strong sense of user experience, in charge of product

Paul Renvoisé

VP Data Science

Data engineer with a strong computer development expertise, expert in machine learning applied to language

Frédéric Dekeyser


Strong background in financial planning for SMEs and major corporations, in charge of finance.

Nicolas Tailhardat

Client Success Director

Engineer and general manager for delivery centers in Europe, strong sense of client satisfaction, in charge of project management

Julien Blancher

DevOps manager

Background in IT, computer science and engineering, in charge of technical infrastructure

« Recast.AI is the first and only company to offer chatbots in any language. We might not be the only ones tomorrow, but we will remain the first. »

- Jasmine Anteunis

« A chatbot project can be done in months. At Recast.AI, we do it in weeks. And tomorrow, it’ll be days. »

- Patrick Joubert

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