What's a skill

A skill defines a specific block of conversation that has a clear purpose. A skill can be as simple as the ability to greet someone, but it can also be more complex, for example giving movie suggestions based on information provided by the user.

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Skill types

There are 3 different types of skills:

  • business, for skills closely linked to the core purpose of your bot.
  • floating, for small talk skills.
  • fallback, for skills that will be triggered automatically if no other skills is.

Recast.AI - Skill types

Skill logic

It is composed of three distinct parts:

  • triggers: conditions determining if the skill should or shouldn't be activated.
  • requirements: determining the information the bot needs to retrieve from the user, and how to retrieve it.
  • actions: performed by the bot when all requirements are complete (for example, send a message).

Recast.AI - Skill logic

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