Requirements are pieces of information that your skill needs to retrieve before executing actions.

Group of requirements

Like conditions, requirements groups can be of 2 different types: or and and. The or and and types define a logically linked group of requirements to retrieve.

Recast.AI - Requirement

Requirement line

A requirement line is composed of:

  • The data to retrieve (an entity or an intent)
  • The field to store this data in the bot's memory
  • Actions to execute to retrieve the information
  • Actions to execute when the information is retrieved
  • Conditions to make tests on the data provided by the user (validators)

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Validators are made of conditions and actions. They define tests that will be applied to the retrieved data, and block the storage in memory if needed, along with actions to execute if the data matches the condition.

For example, if we want to get an address from the user, we can create a requirement that retrieves a location entity, and add a validator to check that this location is really an address and does not refer to a city or a country, and tell the user about this limitation.

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