Recast.AI is now part of SAP.
Recast.AI is now part of SAP.


Requirements are either intents or entities your skill needs to retrieve before executing actions. They are pieces of information that are important in the conversation and that your bot can use, like the name of the user or a location.

Once a requirement is completed, the associated value is stored in the memory of the bot for the entire conversation.

Recast.AI - Requirements

Composition of a requirement

A requirement is made of:

  • the data to retrieve, an entity or an intent
  • the key that will be used to store the data retrieved in the bot memory
  • optional actions to execute to retrieve the information
  • optional actions to execute when the information is retrieved and the requirement completed
  • optional conditions to validate the data provided by the user, with associated actions to execute if the validation fails

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Action at requirement completion

Those actions are executed when the requirement is completed. The skill's execution then continues as far as it can. It can chain with other requirements, or with actions

Recast.AI - Action complete

Actions to retrieve information

Those actions are executed when the requirement is not yet completed. It's the perfect place to define messages to ask the information you need to the user. For example, with the username as a requirement, the action would be a message asking the user for his name.

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You can define validators in a requirement to validate that the user input matches your needs. These validators are made of conditions that will define validation, and of actions to execute if the validation fails.

If the validation fails, the retrieved data will not be stored in memory, and thus the requirement will not be completed.

For example, if we want to get an address from the user, we can create a requirement that retrieves a location entity, and add a validator to check that this location is really an address and does not refer to a city or a country, and tell the user about this limitation.

Recast.AI - Validators action

Group of requirements

Like conditions, requirements can be grouped together with OR and AND.

Recast.AI - Requirement

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