Recast.AI is now part of SAP.
Recast.AI is now part of SAP.



An entity is a keyword extracted from an expression. We automatically detect 31 different entities such as datetimes, names, locations, etc. We call these Gold entities. But you are not limited to these Gold entities: you can also tag your own custom entities to detect keywords depending on your bot's context, such as metro stations if you are building a transport assistant. To bring you a precise service with true added value, we enrich each and every one of our Gold entities with essential core information.


  • You don’t have to tag everything in your expressions. Just annotate what's really needs to be extracted
  • Entities have an influence on the intent detection. You can create a custom entity unique to an intent to facilitate this intent’s detection
  • When you create a custom entity, annotate it in each expression, and continue to add expressions until your entity is automatically detected


When tomorrow is detected in a sentence, a formatted version of the datetime that you can use as a reply is returned.

  "formatted": "Thursday, 06 October 2017 at 09:00:00 AM",
  "iso": "2016-10-06T09:00:00Z",
  "accuracy": "day",
  "chronology": "future",
  "raw": "tomorrow",
  "confidence": 0.92

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