Recast.AI is now part of SAP.
Recast.AI is now part of SAP.


A condition is a test that can be evaluated to either true or false.

You can find conditions in different sections of your skill:

Recast.AI - Bot condition

In this example, we test:

  • if the intent is greetings
  • if the sentiment analyzed in the sentence is negative
  • if in the conversation memory, the value saved for city is paris

Composition of a condition

A condition is made of three parts: one operator and two operands.

In the condition if #location.raw is Paris, the left operand is #location.raw, is is the operator and Paris is the right operand.

Left operand

As a left operand, you can use any value of text analyze (intents, entities, ..) from your user input and any value from the conversation state (the last skill, memory values..).

A few rules to distinguish the left operands categories:

  • operands starting by @ will get the associated intent (for example @greetings)
  • operands starting by # will get the associated entity (for example #location), and will test the raw field unless you've specified one
  • operands starting by _ will get the associated field in the text analyze JSON or in the conversation state

Note: you can write the entire path if you need, like: (if you need the latitude) is the same as Or if you need to access the description of the first intent detected: nlp.intents[0].description.

Recast.AI - Condition Select


There's a finite list of operators you can use:

  • is to test equality between two values
  • is-not to test inequality between two values
  • in to check if a value is in a list of elements
  • not-in to check if a value is not in a list of elements
  • matches to match a value with a regular expression
  • matches-not to check if the value doesn't match with a regular expression
  • lower-than to test if the value is lower than another
  • greater-than to test if the value is greater than another
  • is-present to test if the value is present in the conversation state
  • is-absent to test if the value is absent from conversation state

Note: the regex syntax follows the Ruby regex syntax.

Note bis: greater-than and lower-than only works with numerical values.

Right operand

The right value can either be a free input or a finite list depending on what you've picked as the left operand.

For example, if you've picked _sentiment, the right operand will be limited to what the Recast.AI API can return (in this case, from "very positive" to "very negative").
But if you've picked _memory.my_value.my_key, any format is supported as it's not dependent of the Recast.AI API.

You can find more details on the entities' enrichment and the other keys with a finite list of possible values in the MAN.

Create complex conditions

You can create multiple layers of condition using and and or.

Recast.AI - Bot condition

You can see in this example two groups:

  • the first group (in line) is an and condition group
  • the second group (the entire block) is an or condition group
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