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Smoothly host your bot

Make your bot available to your users 24/7. Whether you have a bot on Bot Builder or your own code, you can host it in a click! With Bot Hosting, no more server management or tricky coding, everything can be done on Recast.AI.

Your bot always up

A tool adpated to all bots

Recast.AI - Hosting live
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Quickly deploy your code

Don't change your coding habits, choose your favorite language and git tool to start coding! With continuous integration, all commits are automatically deployed.

Your own code

Automatically deployed

Monitor your instance live

Always understand what's happening to your bot with log monitoring. Keep an eye on the stream and debug if needed!

Manage your bot

Track deployments

Recast.AI - Hosting monitor
Use ourGetting Started tutorials,API Referenceand best practices to build your first bot! And dive into the documentation covering all our tools:language API,Bot Connectorand Bot Hosting.
Our SDKs are here to make your lives easier by creating a layer of helpers on top of the API. Many are available (NodeJS, Ruby, Python, PHP, iOS or Android) onGithub!
Our team of developers is ready to jump in and help you figure everything out. Join us onSlackor start a conversation by clocking on the support icon (bottom right!)

One platform, lots of tools, endless bots

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Fast track

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Make your bot understand custom queries


Create your conversational flow with Bot Builder


Reach out to the world on messaging apps with Bot Connector


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Hassle free hosting and code deployment with out Bot Hosting


Add external integrations and custom logic with our starter kit

AI process monitor

Get Incredible insights on user behavior with Bot Analytics

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