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Rapid prototyping

Create your conversation logic with our graphical tool and API.

In minutes, you can define mandatory steps, organize user flow and setup pre-defined bot answers. Not set in stone, you can always adapt it to build optimal user interactions.

Recast.AI - prototype your bot
Recast.AI - prototype your bot

Human-like context awarness

Focus on key information to create a truly context aware bot and leverage the memory of your bot to create human-like interactions.

Developer friendly API

Customize your bot flow by connecting external integrations and adapt its behavior to your preferences with our evolving API, to build optimal user interactions.

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  "source": "I want to go to Paris",
  "reply": "Okay, when do you to go to Paris?",
  "action": "travel",
  "next_action": ...,
  "memory": ...

You focus on your bot experience

Recast.AI - bot prototype

You prototype quickly

Recast.AI - bot personality

You create true personality

Recast.AI - enhance your bot

You keep enhancing

We deal with the complexity of it all

Recast.AI - user context understanding

We memorise user context

Recast.AI - conversation paths

We handle all possible paths

Recast.AI - end of conversation

We guide the user to the end

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No need to start from scratch

Discover the bots our community has built, and import one to start your own!

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