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Chatbots, in their core nature, are made for chatting. But if they only chat in a few languages, that stops them from really becoming part of our lives, no?

Well, no more. Recast.AI now support any language there is. Want to build a bot in Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch, Finnish, German? It’s as easy as it gets.

These new languages come in three different types of support:

  • advanced : full support with enriched gold entities and sentiment analysis
  • standard: intent classification, custom entities and language detection
  • basic: intent classification and custom entities

As me move forward, we’ll keep putting more and more languages in advanced. How can you create multilingual bots? Easy.

Log into Recast.AI and create a new bot:

Select a default language, the main language of your bot:

After creating an intent, you can add another language tab to make it multilingual!

You can add as many as you like.

To get a sneak peek of the behind the scenes, here are the team’s insights on making Recast.AI language agnostic!

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