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Launching a new product is great. It’s thrilling to watch something grow week after week and it’s exciting to see the days of the launch come. But the truth can be harsh: sometimes, the building team gets too focused and misses something. That happens, and that’s when a community comes into action.

Why Recast.AI evolved 

The world of bots is exponentially growing since April 2016. If we started in September 2015 as an natural language processing (NLP) API, we quickly grew into a bot building platform. But we wanted to go further: we wanted to be the collaborative bot platform where you find everything you need to build your bot: a truly efficient AI technology developed by our R&D teams, all bot tools seamlessly integrated, a community to share and construct with, all with a cool and easy interface.

That’s what this new version focuses on! We’ve developed a suite of tools to make bot building a smooth process: Bot Learning, Bot Connector, Bot Hosting and Bot Analytics, all wrapped around a core of strong AI.

Why the Product Hunt and 42 communities?

Product Hunt

Well, when it comes to communities, we surely don’t need to introduce Product Hunt. Started in November 2013 as a newsletter, the platform is now a reference in terms of product launching and the tech community.

Having launched a few products on Product Hunt before, we were familiar with the mechanisms of the website. We knew that a launch would bring our product a wave of new visitors, interested in new technologies and discovering new things: the best people ever to test and improve a newly launched product!


42 was also a very clear choice for us. With a good knowledge of how this futuristic school works, we knew that we’d find hands-on, clever and versatile developers to test our platform. So, on the evening of our launch, we hosted an event at the school, inviting our network of ambassadors and users o present the tools and gather feedback.


What they told us

Users want to understand if they can go off path

“Can we not use any of your tools but use your technology and code?”

“Can we not code at all and simply launch a bot with your tools?”

Of course, people want to know if your product fits their way of working. Developers love being able to have full control of their work and being able to understand how everything works.

Users want to know when we’ll go further

“Will you soon support Mandarin? Portuguese? Arabic?”

“Will you integrate IRC or Discord?”

“It’s essential for me to use webchats, will you soon cover that?”

When they see your product, they imagine what they could do with it, but also start dreaming. And that’s a great sign! It means your product is inspiring and people have loads of creative ideas for it. That’s where the gold is. Pay much attention to what your community asks. Understand why they ask that and try to put yourself in their shoes to see what direction they want your software to take. By noting very thoroughly suggestions, frustrations, random ideas that seem crazy, you’ll get a deep understand of your community to better satisfy them.

Users want to know why you change things

“Can we still tag golden entities? WE CAN’T? WHY NOT?!”

“You moved logs on the Monitor tab? That makes sense?”

Changing things always create waves, especially for regular users who’ve developed a routine using your software. Be prepared to explain why you decided to change, what it brings, and how old habits can be replaced and improved! Change management and openness is extremely important to bring a community together.

Users want to get to know what makes you you

“Why are you called Recast.AI?”

“What makes you better than your competitors?”

Choosing one software to build your projects is a committed decision. Expect your consumers to ask about you after they’ve asked about your product. They’re looking for a sense of digital bonding, where you can assure them of your presence if they need you. Talk about the team, how you met, how you were founded, what’s the vision of your company, why brought you to create your software, etc etc. That can quickly led to questions about your competitors from users who’ve analyzed the market. Be factual, be helpful, be true to your brand etiquette. That’s what they want to understand.

Thanks to Product Hunt and 42 for their continuous help in the development of Recast.AI!

Want to build your own conversational bot? Get started with Recast.AI !

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