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The Recast.AI team is proud to present the newest version of their bot building platform that now integrates all tools necessary to build an efficient bot on Product Hunt!


If we started as a startup developing its own natural language processing API, Recast.AI grew into a bot building platform, but wanted to go further. We wanted to be the collaborative bot platform where you find everything you need to build your bot : our efficient artificial intelligence technology, all bot tools seamlessly integrated, a community to share and construct with, packaged in a cool and easy interface.

So that’s what we did!

In this newest version, we’ve integrated new tools to make your experience seamless and provide you all keys to build a bot from A to Z ! That includes a Bot Connector, a Bot Hosting, a Bot Analytics, a stronger artificial intelligence technology, a reworked training module and an improved interface 🙂

Now, by using Recast.AI, you can build, connect, host and launch bots powered by a strong language technology smoothly. Pretty cool, no? 


– Your end-to-end bot platform –

Train your bot

Teach your bot everything it needs to understand.

Build your flow

Construct your conversational flow with our Bot Builder or in your code.

Connect to your favorite channels

Easily connect your bot to Slack, Messenger, Kik, Callr, Telegram and more.

Host your bot

Connect your repo and enjoy hassle free hosting!

Monitor your bot use

Understand how people are using your bot and perfect it.


– Our own artificial intelligence engine –


You’ll soon discover our new approach to intent classification (currently in beta) that leads to a 30% accuracy improvement! It’ll will be rolled out in a few days platform-wide.


We’ve reworked our golden entities to improve their detection, with a focus on locations, datetimes and numbers.


Hola ¿cuál es el tiempo en Londres? In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be able to create bots in Spanish!


– In a seamless user interface –

Intent management

You can now see which entities are detected, search content or disable some of your intents.


You can analyse your text and chat with your bot in the same console!


We’re smoothened the collaboration process to make your work as a team more efficient.

Documentation and guide

Discover a new section with a variety of tutorials, information and guides to accompany you on your bot building journey.

We’ve build this with our growing community, and are very eager to hear your feedback and suggestions! Start building and send us an email at to collaborate!


Want to build your own conversational bot? Get started with Recast.AI !

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