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In the past weeks, bots have been making the headlines. And for good reason: conversation is on the tracks of being the next interface between humans and machines. But making a machine understand us and respond in natural language is a challenge that has yet to be solved. Today’s solutions remain very technical and too conceptual for people to truly comprehend and implement in their lives.

This is were Recast.AI comes forward. Funded in September 2015, Recast.AI is a platform that manages the first steps of Artificial Intelligence integration by allowing the user to easily create bots. Up to March, their platform managed textual understanding of commands and their translation to usable data. Since the beginning of April, it integrates voice recognition and custom entities, allowing the user to precisely personalise his AI and create his bots. And Recast.AI is not planning on stopping there: conversation, anticipation of needs, automatic managing of complex tasks and humor will follow.

Recast.AI was recently featured on Product Hunt’s front page and gathered more than 400 upvotes. They are part of the increasing number of bot-related apps trending on Product Hunt this past week, and got a lot of interesting and positive feedback.

Just tried out the product. Great great job ! Very easy to use and get started in the bot world.” – Paul P

Great job! Recast.AI looks more than easy to pick up” – Allen lee

Developers, entrepreneurs or companies can create a bot in minutes. In the future, anybody, regardless of their digital background, will be able to. Recast.AI takes care of the difficult programming part, users focus on creating and innovating. As a collaborative platform, each user can share it’s own AI’s training to the “brain” of Recast. AI. Everybody benefits from it and their AI becomes more precise than any other.

We’re working for machines to adapt to humans and not the other way around, like it’s been for decades.” – Julien, co-founder

Want to build your own conversational bot? Get started with Recast.AI !

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