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Github badge organization

Recast.AI - Github profile

First fun hijack!

I was playing a game yesterday called KeyCode. I was logged in with my Github account and after leveling-up, a new badge appeared on my profile, one that all other gamers have too.  I’d been accepted into a new organization on Github.

Usually, organizations simplify management of group-owned repositories. Anybody who’s a member of an organization has a membership badge on their profile. A great place to indicate game levels, we’d just never thought of it… until they did!



Readme like a Book

Due to a great viewer, Github inspires lots of users to use this file format to publish content, and not just use it as part of the documentation repository. We have a great example here with the French Civil Code:

“If we consider the laws as a collection of texts modified by the various assemblies of the State, they can be considered as a set of text files created collaboratively. […]

Git not only allows viewing sources at a time T (snapshot), but allows you to easily view changes in these sources (commits)”.

This means you can navigate through the Civil Code and through time :). Their clear interface shows the changes in each line for each commit, like this one for the  ‘wedding code’: b805ecf05a86162d149d3d182e04074ecf72c066



Issues are a place to ask anything

RecastAI - Github AMA in Issues

On Reddit, AMAs (“Ask me Anything”) are open to all users, and use the site’s comment system for both questions and answers; very much like an online press conference.

On Github, the issues system provides a great way to do that.

Sindre Sorhus came up with the idea a while ago and there is long list of people willing to ask any question on GitHub.

All users can ‘open’ an issue (question), comment and upvote it. When the conversation ends, the issue is ‘closed’.

Want to see all popular AMAs on Github, check this list:



Write your Blog with Issues

RecastAI - Github Issuance

With Issuance, you can create a collection of articles stored as Github issues.

Use the Issue system to open, close, and tag an article 😉

“Submit an issue and it will automatically appear on the website with markdown formatting.

Visit the website repository to view the source and contribute.”



Organise your life

RecastAI - Issues bug tracking

The most practical use for the issue tracker is that you can track problems in your home, add an item in your to-do list, or upload job offers.

Labels and milestones are features that make this very convenient.



Commit your signature

RecastAI - Github Open Letter

Remember the open letter to Github ? It came out of the concerns of some community members who felt they hadn’t been heard, and that GitHub wasn’t improving its platform to meet their needs. It was published a few months ago. The same goes for the thank you letter before that: It’s a with all signatures commited on the repo.



Draw with your commits

Recast.AI - Github draw with your commits

By slightly mistreating Github’s commit history, you can draw in your GitHub heatmap.

Download the extension here or use a script of Gitfiti: This tool customizes your github account’s commit history calendar by blatantly abusing git’s ability to accept commits in the past.

Once you’ve run and pushed this script to a new repository, your commit log will match the drawing you made.

Enjoy 🙂



Create a metro map

Recast.AI - Github metro line Paris

One last fun thing; the MetroGit repo represents the ~300 metro stations in Paris!

Each metro line is represented by a branch. A commit corresponds to a station. A merge is a connection between one or more lines.

Thanks to Github Graphs Network, you can now view the map:


I’m sure the creativity of all Github addicts will lead to many more unrealistic yet surprisingly fun uses of the platform. If you see any, let us know! They crack us up.

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