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Launching a new product is great. It’s thrilling to watch something grow week after week and it’s exciting to see the days of the launch approaching. But the truth can be harsh: sometimes, you can’t see the wood for the trees and end up missing something important. That’s when a community can step in to help you.


Slack is great for instant feedback

There are many Slack communities allowing developers to share best practices about programming. At Recast.AI, we are a developer-centric company and it’s natural for us to hang out in those communities. We particularly love Slack to share new releases and get instant feedback.

Here’s an example of conversation we got with the community there:


When you develop a platform using complex technologies, developers want to be sure it can suit their needs before jumping in. Slack is awesome because people can ask their questions directly and get an answer quickly. During the whole day of our launch we had great conversations on {code}community, Ruby Developers, and many other Slack communities!

Pro tip: you don’t want to be spammy. We advise you to join Slacks and start contributing way before sharing your new product, actually creating a relationship. It’s always better if you can bring value before asking for feedback.


Twitter is the way to reach the masses

When it comes to reaching out to complete strangers, Twitter is probably your best bet. During our Product Hunt launch, plenty of people shared Recast.AI on Twitter and often added their thoughts. It was the perfect place to reply and start a discussion.


Twitter is also great as it’s not too intrusive. Be careful with the length of your tweets though, even if many interested users are happy to talk to you using direct messages. Engaging with people on Twitter is also a good way to spread the word as other people can jump in the conversations and talk about your product!


Product Hunt is the best to get user feedback

We love Product Hunt because the community gathers top-notch tech enthusiasts always willing to help. Comments are open to the most active Product Hunters, so we usually get really interesting questions about the product and its core features.


The benefit is obvious: you can get in touch with your potential users directly and integrate their feedback and needs into your product roadmap. It’s a also a perfect channel to discover the questions to include in your FAQs.


Facebook is awesome to reach out to experts

Facebook was a clear choice for us right from the start, being the huge social network it is, and Messenger being the n°1 bot channel. The best thing is that Facebook doesn’t have one community: it has thousands! There are many groups and often quite large, making them a diverse pool of potential testers and helpers.

Their main advantage is that they gather people interested on one particular topic, making your audience knowledgeable. With a post that’s carefully crafted to truly provide value and not just spam, you can collect in-depth feedback on your product.


Intercom for the already converted

Intercom is a client support software that integrates your website. Your users can chat with you on your platform directly. This is an efficient way to give guidance to clients even after they’ve subscribed: after all, they’re just getting started.


For us, Intercom was (and is daily) a lifesaver. With a smooth interface, it enables us to answer any user query quickly and efficiently. During our Product Hunt rush, it was essential.


42, for the people around you

Digital is all around us, and opens up an enormous pool of users. But don’t forget to look in your own city! With most of our co-founders from School 42 (voted best coding school in the world), we decided to host a launch party on D-Day. That way, we invited hundreds of developer students to understand how they use or would use the platform. Awesome.

Clear benefits were seeing the look on people’s faces, getting live questions, providing live answers, and most of all, seeing people talk and interact with each other! The event created a temporary think tank that was very beneficial for us.

All in all, make yourself as available to questions as possible. Be factual, be helpful, be true to your brand etiquette!

Oh, and by the way, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback on our newest platform in the comments! 😉

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