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At Recast.AI, we strive to provide the best tools for bot building. But we don’t want the platform to become a black box where you have no control and struggle to solve the simplest of issues. When you’re building your chatbot, you should :

  • be able to get a direct access to your own logical process and how it’s being interpreted by Bot Builder,
  • know what is wrong and why,
  • understand which decisions are made by Bot Builder through your entire conversation flow.

Controlling and managing your bot errors is essential. That is why we included a powerful debug console in Recast.AI. Let’s go over the basics to help you master the tool!

Open the debug console

Simply click on “Chat with your bot” on the bottom right of your page and toggle the Debug button. A new black screen should’ve popped up.

If you’re using Bot Builder through the API, you can also access the debug console by adding a parameter in your request:

curl -H "Authorization: Token REQUEST_TOKEN" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d '{"message": {"content":"Hello Recast", "type":"text"}, "conversation_id": "CONVERSATION_ID", "log_level": "info"}' \
     -X POST ""

As shown above, you simply have to add the “log_level” parameter. The value of this parameter can be “info”, “warning” or “error”. Following your expectations, you just have to choose which level of detection you want.

Now, let’s understand how you can use the debug console!

Get information about a conversation

What exactly is going on during a conversation? Which skill has been triggered? Is an action running? Has a message been sent to the user? The debug console provides real time data informing you of all the steps your bot is going through so you can check that everything is going as expected.

Be alerted when something goes wrong

Development is an iterative process. If you’ve made a mistake, such as comparing two types of unrelated data, Recast.AI guides you to the issue. That will surely save you a lot of time! If you want to keep a full history of your activity, be sure to keep the “Keep logs” button toggled.

Understand why your chatbot is not working

If you’ve tried your best but there is still something going wrong and you don’t know why, that’s alright. You can have a full report of the activity of your bot in the debug console.

An example? One of the most encountered errors are Bot Skills priorities. Two skills are triggered at the same time, and Bot Builder cannot decide which should be triggered first. It therefore returns the fallback skills instead. That’s exactly the kind of situation where the debug console saves you a lot of time and sweat. No need to investigate!

Now that you’re all acquainted with our console, I hope you can return to building great fun bots even faster than before!
Hope you’ll enjoy this new feature and please send us feedback and requests, we’re always happy to know what you’re thinking. Happy coding!


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