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Building bots isn’t always an easy task. Under hundreds of lines of codes, between APIs, frameworks and tools, language technologies get tricky. We know this. That’s why we decided to create a tool that will allow you to build the most advanced bots in the simplest way: Bot Builder

Bots have established their potential. Today, we need use cases, we need applications, we need people to unleash their creativity on this new medium. That’s why we’re allowing you to put all the conversation coding behind you, to focus on bringing exceptional bots to life.

By using Bot Builder, you can now:

Guide the user through an adaptable conversation flow

Define which actions have specific requirements and which can be activated at any time!

Define which information are necessary to proceed through the conversation

Entities create notions that are shared throughout the conversation

Setup custom replies for all different conversation outcomes

Missing information to continue? Ask the user directly. Got everything you need? Keep moving.

Test your bot directly on the platform!

Chat directly with your bot on the improved test console.

With our system of actions, links and notions, it now literally can take less than 15 minutes to create a bot with our machine-learning technology, tools and community. Oh, and it’s free!

So, you want to know more? We’re on Product Hunt!

And check out our tutorial on how to build a bot from A to Z with Recast.AI and Bot Builder.

Happy coding!

Want to build your own conversational bot? Get started with Recast.AI !

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