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Viva Technology 2017 was Viva Technology 2016, only bigger, fuller and better.

As laureates of the Publicis90 award and Webhelp challenge in 2016, we were delighted to see the second edition in Paris. It was a no-brainer to decide to come back.

In 2016, we were babies. Recast.AI wasn’t even a year old, and we were only 7 people on the team. This year, we’ve grown to 20 members, have a clearly defined product, strong client references and goals. As VivaTech grew stronger, we grew bigger.

The point of this new edition of the event was very clear:

  • grow and strengthen our ecosystem (and we did! See which AI startups and bot builders we’re now close-knit with)
  • find integrators for our solution through partnerships
  • meet business prospect and consolidate our relationship with existing clients (we’re very proud to have participated with SNCF Transilien to the launch of the bot we built together during the event).

If we had to remember 3 things from VivaTech 2017, they would be:

Our co-founder, Jasmine, discussing the future of technology in France with Emmanuel Macron, French president

We are thrilled to have enjoyed a few minutes as one of the six startups selected to discuss the ecosystem of startups in France with our president. Here to better understand what it’s like to be a startup in France working in technology, Emmanuel Macron listened to founding stories, asked what France did well and what could be improved. The exchange was rich and a wonderful opportunity for us!

Working with the team to build Frankie, VivaTech’s official bot

A thrilling project for a great event: Recast.AI was chosen to built VivaTech’s chatbot, the talking schedule of the event. Bringing a conversational interface to Europe’s main event gave the participants a real glimpse of the future.

Animating a successful workshop on the power of bots for customer support

A new kind of event appeared in 2017: workshops! Between sessions, pitches and demos, startups and companies had the opportunity to work with interested participants on a topic of their choice. We got a full house to discuss bot building methodologies and the power of bots.

Viva Technology’s organization, with startups hosted by labs from major companies, brings the best of both worlds: an atmosphere of true collaboration and innovation between growing startups and established powerful groups. Cisco, Air France, Airbus, LVMH, BNP Paribas: 20 brands hosted between 15 and 60 startups and organized protoyping contests, pitching contests and hackathons to federate the ecosystem and create partnerships. And an international one of that! Companies from all across Europe, but also from across all oceans moved to be part of Europe’s major tech event.

You couldn’t be here with us? No worries: here are three 1-min videos to give you the best of the three days.

And to everyone we met and worked with: see you next year!

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