Get ready: in January 2019, Recast.AI will be officially renamed SAP Conversational AI!
Get ready: in January 2019, Recast.AI will be officially renamed SAP Conversational AI!

Build great bots in minutes
Build great bots in minutes

The collaborative platform to build, train,
deploy and monitor intelligent bots for developers

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No more dumb bots

Easily create bots that truly understand humans

Recast.AI - chatbots

Understand all user inputs
by training your bot

Recast.AI - multi channels chatbots

Connect to the most popular
messaging channels

Recast.AI - analytics chatbots

Improve your bot by
monitoring its performance

Developers first

Our custom AI understands user speech to provide actionable data

const recastai = require('recastai')

const client = new recastai.request('7eb8a157d82f1b52218413a4c68b880a')

client.converseText("I want to go to San Francisco")
  .then(function(res) {

All you need to quickly start building bots - Bot platform

Community template

Get building blocks from the community and fork abot template - Bot platform

Conversational NLP

Make your bot understandcustom queries - Bot platform

Dialog management

Create your conversational flow withBot Builder - Bot platform

Channels integrations

Reach out to the world on messaging apps withBot Connector - Bot platform

Fully integrated bot

Hassle free integration with your own backend or external services - Bot platform

Analytics dashboard

Get incredible insights on user behavior with theBot Analytics

Your collaborative platform

Recast.AI chatbots


Don’t start from scratch and use what other developers have already built!
Work as a team on bot projects, invite your friends to collaborate and build great conversational apps together.


The more you use the platform, the smarter our technology becomes, because what’s learned is shared across developers. Your contribution makes our artificial intelligence better for everyone.

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